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Best Quality Brake Pads, Brake Discs and other brake components

Do you need pads, discs or other brake components? Pop in for a visit and we’ll sort your brakes out for you! We only work with the most trusted names in South Africa. Ferodo, Safeline, ATE just to name a few!

The most crucial vehicle safety feature is your brakes. Brakes allow you to instantly slow down or stop, which can prevent major accidents. When you need your brakes the most, poorly maintained and infrequently tested brakes may fail you.

How do I know its time to have my brakes looked at?

The most frequent brake system issues are spongy or harsh brake pedals, squealing noises or vibrations when braking, and a brake warning light that won’t go off. When pressed, a healthy braking system should be firm rather than soft or hard and should not vibrate or create any noises.

If you should have any of the above mentioned issues, visit our store and we’ll do a brake check and give you honest feedback on the situation!

For any products and brands not listed above, please contact us!