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Northgate Tyre and Exhaust

Northgate Tyre and Exhaust

Founded in 1996

The Northgate Tyres and Exhaust group has entrenched themselves in the tyre industry by supplying the most trusted products and services when it comes to putting you in touch with the road, since 1996.

Northgate Tyres and Exhaust is well known to have provided attentive and personal service over the past decade and a half by being driven by our unprecedented commitment to customer satisfaction and has built on our reputable experience accumulated over years to provide excellent service.

We have become a steadfast beacon in the West Rand and our customers have come to trust in us and our belief that hard work in itself, is good.

Ask any patron and they would unequivocally tell you that our moral beacon and believe to dedicate positive, virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness, is undisputed.

Our proud business history testifies of the ability to perform professionally and maintain our customer satisfaction in routine circumstances, as well as unexpected circumstances.